From in-depth knoledge of the context and the current health and social health offer, to the scientific determination of the needs, with the goal of optimization and improvement of the healthcare network



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hospital BEDS

list-sanitario Context Analysis, evaluation of current latent and prospective needs and focus on healthcare networks;

list-sanitario Scenarios analysis for the efficiency of the new building and identification of the solution that best guarantees the optimization of the existing and future heathcare network;

list-sanitario Comparison between the current (AS IS) and potential (TO BE) production capacity and evaluation of the economic effects that can be reflected on the budgets of the Entities (ASL/Region);

list-sanitario Report of parameters, technical data and criteria useful to the design team for each area of the hospital.

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list-sanitario Governance evaluation and economic and process KPIs analysis (AS IS);

list-sanitario Definition of potential effIciency scenarios;

list-sanitario Risks analysis connected to the proposed solutions and evaluation of economic sustainability both in the implementation and in the management phase;

list-sanitario Identification of the solution (TO BE) that best suits the organization, through all KPIs processed analysis.

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list-sanitario Identification of Technological solutions able to ensure rhe expected production, for each process;

list-sanitario Technical specifications definition for each device;

list-sanitario Determination of the overall value of the investments and support to the Client for proposals evaluation.

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social healthcare BEDS

list Current territorial offer analysis and plan development (on a scientific basis) for the reorganization of the offer units, to complement existing social healthcare and hospital units;

list Identification of investors interested in development operations (brownfield and greenfield) of social healthcare buildings;

list Action Plan drafting and assessment of the constraints risks associated with implementation.

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list Socio demographic and epidemiological context analysis and identification of the social healthcare functions to be installed;

list Architectural master plan development and evaluation of the times and costs of

list Forecast industrial plan elaboration for the manager and definition of the technical framework of the operation;

list Selection of the subjects to be involved ( Developer, Builder, Real Estate Fund);

list Watchdog during the construction of the new building.

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list Due Diligence on the authorization, accreditation and agreement status;

list Functional analysis of the building and verification of compliance with regulatory requirements and the best management parameters;

list Due Diligence on the Financial Statements and on the Business Plan of the Manager;

list Evaluation of the positioning of the service and the manager in the reference market;

list Determination of the maximum sustainable rental fee for the manager.

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AGM addresses the Economic Operators and not , in the health sector:

list-gray Strategic directions of the National Health Service and Regional
list-gray Responsible for governance and control in health systems
list-gray Officers of the Department and Operating Units
list-gray Directions of Private Health Facilities
list-gray Directors execution of contracts and the monitoring system

list-gray Builders and General Contractors
list-gray Design studies
list-gray Real estate funds and investment
list-gray Banks and leasing companies
list-gray Traders suppliers of goods and services in health care